13 things more likely than winning the lottery

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The Lottery has always been virtually impossible to win, but since they added 10 extra numbers to the saucepan in 2015, the odds are even worse

When the balloons went to 49, you had a 1 in 14 million chances to win. But with numbers 50-59, coming into the party, the odds of that jump

And as if that were not enough, the price also doubled

The multimillion-dollar jackpot might seem tempting, but if the stakes and rates are not enough to remove you, check out this list of completely weird things that are

A familiar with the supermodel

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We don't say it's all about looks, but it's always nice to go out with someone who's really, really, really looking

And don't pin your hopes on you and nothing

Danny Dyer becomes the next James Bond

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We all heard rumours of Idris Elbe, Richard Madden or Tom Hiddleston, picking Aston Martin's keys from Daniel Craig and becoming the next James Bond. But as well as all those candidates, none of them is sufficiently unwitting, in our view

Nevertheless, all the favorite jokes are still around

Completely overpaying his student loan

Here, in Save the Student, we always do as unlikely

We're exaggerating a bit, but we're not exaggerating

As long as it's still there

Okay, Student Financial Statistics is over. It's time to go home or go home

The chances that you are canonized (the official term to become the Holy Pope) are massive

But compare it with your blackmailer to win the lottery, and you're still

I got struck by lightning

If you knew you were close

Well, this is the reality of the situation, even with the chance of bolts

Dying from lefty and misusing the right product

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No, it's not a joke. It turns out

In fact, when you start looking at the actual causes of death, it's much easier to understand how high that figure is. Circular saws, for example, are usually made separately for the left of the right people

But if you think it's weird, the fact is, you're more than that

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Instinctively it is possible to think that packaging in a toilet and vicisity into a Hollywood megastar is just as unlikely a lottery victory. But you're wrong

Your chances of getting an Academy Award are relatively small

As it happens, "Oscar" is bigger than it is

But don't let that stop you from dreaming. If Oscar win is only twice as high as what really happened, we say go ahead and become the next Leonardo DiCaprio

Having the same quadrrupts

Most of us recognize a couple of twins, or they know about someone who has one of their own. Even fewer of us know the same set of identical twins. Fewer of us still know about trifles

And we'd be willing to bet that neither of you has ever come to a quartet before, not to mention the identical

But your chances are to have your own set of identical quadrilets

Kim Kardashian became the president of the United States of America

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Kim Kardashian, becoming the next president of the United States, instinctively feels foolish to offer-and blackmailing

But it's strange that Kimmi's chances of becoming the next POTUS match Danny Dyer's chances of becoming the next Bond. Curious, no matter how you think about him, Mr. Dyer, at least, works in the right industry to land his perspective work

We are not quite sure how we feel about the bookies, equating the probability of these two events, but we can say that Kim Kardashian has become the first woman president

Find a four-leaf clover

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If the four-leaf clovers are as lucky as they are, then maybe one of them will increase the chances of winning the lottery. But unfortunately, your chances of finding that rout of the plants are the downsides

You said it, you're still there

In other ways, if you're looking at the possibility of hitting the lottery or digging in the dirt for clover, your time is probably best spent trying

To be an astronaut

It seems that your chances of becoming an astronaut are not alone in infinity and beyond, but they are not very far away.

Unfortunately, no hard work and brains will help you win the lottery, just like everyone does

To be a crushed meteor

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Meteorites all fall to the ground. It's just that they usually burn in the atmosphere before they hit the ground, and in the end are too small to harm anyone (as in that episode

But every now and then a big daddy makes his way, and those are the ones that could crush you

We don't know how often a meteor enters the university campus in the UK, but there is

Won the Olympic gold medal

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When you tell about the tensions, natural talent and determined resolve to become the best in the world in any sport, it is perhaps not surprising that your chances of winning the Olympic gold medal are simply

Nevertheless, given the fact that the Olympic triumph still remains

So, next time you buy four or five tickets, remember, you're four times more likely to get into outer space than winning the lottery