17 best saving applications

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Not as much as your grandmother, the smartphones have changed how we do a lot of things in life, and saving money is no exception

There are literally hundreds of applications with the sole purpose of helping you save money-it's just a question of digging them up and working, which is best

Fortunately for you, we rolled up our sleeves and made a hard work for you, trying and testing some of the most popular applications to help you save money. We checked everything from applications for personal finance to non-cash applications, applications that tell you that to cook together with a left-hand scraper

Here are our favorite people! And if you're after some applications to improve your student life, check this out

Personal financial applications

You even earn interest on the money that is kept in the account!

How can you expect Starling to go beyond traditional banking?

For example, if you want to limit yourself to £ 200 every month, you simply list £ 200 from your primary

This is where Starling really is coming. The application notifies you immediately when you spend money and does a lot of work to organize all your purchases in such categories as food, purchase, and bills

You can also keep the lid on your expenses by setting up some budgets that Starling helpCan displays in clear (and colorful) charts, and the application sends you notifications when you overspend

There are no fines or rules to have several current accounts, so if you like the idea of limiting yourself to a set of money to spend, and to keep track of what you are

This app is very similar to Starling, but we like to offer an alternative to balance

They have all the best bits of application-based banking, including real time notifications, the ability to freeze the card if you lose it, and many savings features

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It's a great little app, especially for those days and nights in a city where you don't know very well. We were all in a nutcase when you run like a headless chicken looking for a car because you're in a bar that takes only money, or their card car broke down

What's worse, if you finally end your naked chicken pilgrimage just to find out that the ATM you managed to track down, recharge your arm and leg to use. Oh, really?

The ATM Locator application uses geolocation to search for all the nearest showers in your area and maps them to the map. It even bounfies on you, which charges, and which are not as a gift from the top!

After you have access to the bank account, Chip will start controlling your expenses. He'll look at your flaws and exits, and from there he'll figure out how much you can afford to save every week

The best thing is, once she's decided how much you can afford to save, it puts most of your money into a savings account without even putting your finger on it!

Let us explain. You register all your cards in your application, and as soon as you get your Curve Mastercard, you can spend with any of your accounts using only one card!

You can choose which account you want to pay by selecting the appropriate card in the application. Then the account becomes "active" and ready to use! You can also use Curve to display money from money points. Handy!

There are several different options you can subscribe to. OH. OH

The curve also guarantees not all unauthorized transactions

This app is excellent. Be you

Create your shopping list on your phone through mySupermarket, and the app will tell you which major supermarkets sell these items at the lowest price, or if a particular supermarket has a special offer

If you are not sure what you want until you reach the supermarket, you can even use your phone to scan the bar code of the product, and the application will tell you if you can buy it cheaper elsewhere

If there's ever a clever way to save money on your purchases

All you have to do is chase these things, pay them for reservations, take a picture of the ticket with the phone, and then apply it to the application (though it is an attempt to be reasonable here and to buy what you are

Then you will receive a cashless payment that has been added directly to your account, which can be tradable to your bank account or PayPal

One small catch, but if you take less than £ 20 from your account, you will

There's nothing worse than buying a product online or in a store just to find later that you could buy it cheaper elsewhere

Idealo is the savior for anyone who has been caught, made an impulsive purchase-at the moment you find something you'd like to buy, get an Idealo application before you break up with your cash

All you need to do is look for the product in the search bar or the product bar code scanning to find out how much you can get from other retailers. It could be literally two minutes on the way to another store and get it at half the price

There are many code-application applications that you can choose, but it is easy to understand why Vaucherloud is one of the most popular applications-the simplicity of the application, and the simple use of the interface is a real plus

You can either view the top of the popular deals to find the best choice, or use the 'next to me' feature to find out which most advantageous deals are around your current location. To get a discount, click the "Use a voucher" button when the time comes to pay, and the code that you are showing to employees to redeem the discount

O2 Priority Moments

The O2 priority Moments application is absolute goldmine for bagging freebies and large discounts in shops with a high street store

O2 also offers piles of tickets to the higa, restaurant vouchers and other fries, so just keep an eye on what is available and the time frame you need to redeem. Look at the free eye and olives in Zizzi's!

You might think it's more than that

musicMagpie is a platform for selling old CDs, DVDs, and online games. Now they have a free app that makes the process much easier and more fun, as you can keep track of your sales at

The embedded bar code reader allows you to easily scan objects wherever you are, and the application will tell you how much it costs. You then send the items to MusicMagpie (if you are happy with the money they offer) and the money will be on your account the next day

We are all guilty of the time when it comes to energy consumption, we are a little wasteful, be it too free and easy to switch the heating, taking over the long shower cabin, or leaving our laptops charging for a few days. Just to delay the thought that you're wasting your time as long as this horrendous account doesn't fall through the mailbox

Meter readings are a brilliant application, and although it is not free, it will probably save you some beans in the long run

The application allows you to keep track of how much you spend each day, which you can just offer you to think about some of the cheaper (and more environmentally friendly!) ways to keep warm in the winter months

Not only that, but also allows you to compare what you spend on your energy accounts with your neighbors to see if you should do this when switching vendors

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Find yourself constantly running around the data? It's an app for you

Google, a company created by Google, keeps on average about 21 percent of its data. This may not seem very, but it's mostly like the use of your data from Monday through Thursday and on Friday for free!

It works like this: the application configures the local Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your phone to block the unwanted use of data (for example, applications that are active in the background, while you are not using them). The application does not send data about your personal use via Google servers, so your privacy remains intact (so they say)

You can also create an "emergency bank" to save some of your data at a later time if you need it, and set your daily cap on how much you use.  It's a thing

As long as you're in this, you'll make sure you get your money because of you

If you visit a lot of trips home by train to visit people, or to travel between cities to visit their friends, you probably used Traininline before-and if not, then you must!

Trainline is one of the cheapest ways to find a train ticket and save money during your trip, especially if you book in advance. The application is easy to use for go and has recently had a big overplan, so it's super nice to use, and even better when you save a few bob!

If you're lucky to have yourself, and

Parkopedia is an application, designed to help you find all the free parking areas in your current location, so you will never have to fork for parking again (or for any sands

This application may not immediately hit you as you will be used to save money, but if you are often, it can save you a lot of dough

Foursquare is a visit to bars, restaurants and other places, turning it into a kind of game with a race where users compete with friends to earn points for their parcels

Save the money with this application, looking after special icons for special offers next to certain sites, and if you spend more than any other user on the Foursquare, you will be given the rank of "Mayor" of that place, which invariably leads to free disfiguring and discounts!

The study of which food supplements each other and which combs should be avoided at all costs, is something that requires a lot of trial and error in order to get the right

A large furnace is an excellent application for saving money because it has the function "leftovers", which allows you to enter any ingredients you have around the house, and it will give you an idea of what you can do with them

This, of course, helps to avoid a situation where you have to break down on inedible lunches, directing you to make the best of what you have-to experiment with food can be a risky and expensive game!

Oh, and there are more than 350,000 recipes in the app, so you can check, but we can no longer work with the leftovers function

We don't forget we have a lot of loads